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All talk about our release times ONLY in the Episode Agony Thread!
No additional threads on existing topics. Use descriptive subject titles so people know what the thread is about before clicking on it. No spam and no double posting. Keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible. Try your best to use proper English and form coherent sentences. Spell check is your friend. On the other hand accept that we have many non-native English speakers around and don't nit-pick about their mistakes. No advertising of other sites except in signatures or profiles. No posting of pornographic or otherwise obscene material. Respect others' opinions and be nice. Do NOT harass other members! Only one account per person.
The team prefers to spend as little time as possible policing the forums and would rather focus on fansubbing, so we won't hesitate to deliver bans, even permanent bans, when we encounter violations. For this same reason, we prefer that members settle petty disputes amongst themselves and only direct pms and reports to the team as a last resort. Needlessly pming staff is generally a good way to get the boot.


The content of One Piece Manga ahead of Yibis One Piece Anime releases and One Piece Anime episodes not yet subbed by Yibis is permitted only hidden in spoiler tags or on the One Piece Manga board. This is first and foremost an Anime forum for Yibis releases. Many of our members don't follow the manga or other Fansubs and don't want to have their viewing experience diminished by knowledge of future events. One Piece Manga spoilers for the coming chapter are restricted to the corresponding spoiler thread. All other Manga and Anime is fair game.

Avatars & Signatures

Avatars will be scaled to 140x140 pixels and must not be larger than 100 kilobytes. In signatures you are allowed to use a combination of text and multiple images but the total dimensions must not exceed a height of 200 pixels and a width of 600 pixels. Also signatures must not be larger than 250 kilobytes. Avatars and signatures in violation will be removed.

Important threads

Playback Support Thread: That's where you go to find out about why that crappy mkv video isn't playing.
Episode Agony Thread: The right (and only!) place to let us know you JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!1 Also status info.
Yibis Recruits: Help out your favorite fansub group.
Where to find older episodes, movies and OVA's of One Piece: Self explanatory I would say.
Forum Bug Report Thread: Whine about problems with the forum there.
One Piece 720p PS3/XBOX Compatible Thread

Patches (Windows only)

Extract the rar archive in the folder that holds the old video file. Run the batch file. Done. You can delete the files from the archive and the old video file now.


You won't belong to the hip kids unless you have become a regular on your favorite fansub group's IRC-channel. There you can troll the yibis staff and what's more important download yibis episodes directly from our friendly IRC bots.
Here's how you do it: How to use IRC.

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