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  • selfie head boot
  • Dot selfie guy is the bigger douche
  • 39 (25%)
  • Dot train guy is the bigger douche
  • 10 (6%)
  • Dot the douche is the bigger douche
  • 30 (19%)
  • Dot train guy saved selfie-douche! he was too close to the train!!!
  • 29 (19%)
  • Dot wth train-douche!? there wasn't anything jutting out that couldve hit selfie guy!
  • 2 (1%)
  • Dot errr... selfie-douche clearly *was* hit by something jutting out *rolleyes.jpg*
  • 18 (11%)
  • Dot what's a selfie and is it sfw?
  • 24 (15%)
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* Minecraft

Yibis minecraft server
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Refresh History
  • Shulololo!
  • Cecil: I'd have Kazuki Yao: Then he SUUPER-Fell down the stairs and died! OWWW!
    Today at 06:51:46 pm
  • HookJimmy: That's what I'd want for my funeral.
    Today at 06:15:39 pm
  • amiblue: How cool it would be to have your life documented by your favourite voice actor.
    Today at 05:38:05 pm
  • Zxcvbnm11592: KYARORU
    Today at 05:10:30 pm
  • WickedK: Takes me back to an episode of Aqua Teen. Ey you know you're dog? last night , he ah um raped me. Yeah he F***in raped me.
    Today at 04:57:03 pm
  • HookJimmy: With an engrish accent, got it.
    Today at 03:24:31 pm
  • chrislongden3: I insist that from now on, everyone reads my posts in Wakamoto's voice. Thanks.
    Today at 03:20:44 pm
  • HookJimmy: Unless you have some actual knowledge of the japanese language :face-rolleyes
    Today at 02:49:44 pm
  • Zxcvbnm11592: Well, considering that that's literally the only thing on the first page of a 'Hatsujouki' Google search, it was safe to assume it was from there.
    Today at 02:45:47 pm
  • Addaz: i was just telling him
    Today at 02:12:15 pm
  • Addaz: OMG pls don't think that im advertising anything
    Today at 02:12:08 pm
  • chrislongden3: I'm just referencing the word itself. I've never heard of the manga xD
    Today at 01:11:15 pm
  • chrislongden3: I guess on reflection it's obvious that there would be a manga of that kind with the word hatsujouki in the title
    Today at 01:10:33 pm
  • HookJimmy: [link] How do you even know about this stuff?
    Today at 01:01:43 pm
  • * chrislongden3 wonders if anyone will get the joke
    Today at 12:52:52 pm

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